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Smart Equipment

  • To provide our customers with high-quality services, we know that research and development are a crucial part of this process. Having this in mind, we have developed our unique products such as Anglo-meter, Optical Comparator, and Non-Destructive Tester. Our differentiation advantage focused on the accuracy of the products at an affordable price.

  • 1. Anglometer - Proprietary unique product to check the angle of a component on a tube in reference to the theoretical centerline of the tube
  • 0.2 degree accuracy
  • Free-float & Frictionless
  • Visual signal with green, yellow and red light
  • Audio alert for out-of-spec product
  • Wireless data transfer option available
  • Eliminates operator subjectivity
  • 2. Optical Comparator - Inspector product to CAD model using optical camera with minimum operator involvement.
  • Measure dimensions such as diameter, hole center location, bracket size and other features
  • Extract center lines of the curved tubes in 3D
  • Flexibility in Product Size
  • High accuracy & Low cost
  • Perfect to reduce tooling cost during engine changes
  • 3. Non-Destructive Tester – A unique proprietary portable device to detect under-the-surface defects from numerous types of materials
  • Minimum operator intervention and training required
  • Good for detection of voids from castings
  • Quick non-destructive method of testing weld and integrity
  • Promising result in R&D Testing
  • We are developing Smart gauges based on AI, which will directly communicate with the station where products are being produced to assist operator, supervisor & manager to produce zero defect products.
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