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Gauges & Fixtures

HJ Machine & Pattern (HJMP) has been designing and manufacturing customized gauges for customers in Canada, USA, Mexico and other parts for the world since 1975. As experts in the field, our engineers, designers, toolmakers, and machinists are designing and manufacturing gauges in an innovative way of inspecting the complex products.

During the designing and manufacturing of fixtures for inspection, assembly or welding, clients’ needs are always front and center of our processes. Our team ensures that our clients always get high-quality products and services, while we always strive to meet the clients’ price and lead time targets.

  • HJMP Gauge portfolio covers a wide range of products, options, and industries. If you are looking for a simple attribute gauge or a fully automated Poke-Yoke fixture, we have a solution for you. HJMP offers:
  • Attribute & Variable Gauges
  • In-process and Final Assembly Gauges
  • Inspection and Automated Fixtures
  • With an audio and visual signal to the operator
  • Gauges with Poke Yoke/ lockdown
  • Option with sensors, data collection, and transfer capability
  • HJMP is experienced in designing and manufacturing of gauge for numerous products such as:
  • Stamped components
  • Wireframes
  • Fluid handling systems
  • Injection mold components
  • Transmission cooler tube assembly
  • Brake line and flex hose assembly
  • Banjo block
  • Oil filler tube assembly
  • Bracket profile
  • Underbody assembly
  • Engine cradle
  • Oil sump assembly
  • And many more.
  • Tube profile
  • Crimping orientation
  • Hose length gauge
  • Pnut block
  • Banjo block
  • Brackets
  • Bend profile
  • Hole locations
  • Attachments locations etc.
  • Cooler
  • Go no/go feelers
  • Go no/go plug gauges
  • Stab pins
  • 2-way / 4-way pins
  • HJMP offer gauges and fixtures in several different materials such as:
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Polyurethane
  • Hardwood (Hard Maple & Pine)
  • HJMP has worked with various Customer Standards such as:
  • FCA Gage Standard CS.00118
  • GM 1925 Fixture Standard
  • Others such as Ford, Tesla, Toyota, VW, Honda, Harley-Davidson, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Workhorse, etc.
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